Saturday, June 20, 2009


The DAVE MATTHEWS BAND has released thier new album, BIG WHISKEY and the GROOGRUX KING. It is flippin awesome. Get it. The lyrics in this new album are amazing. The music in this album just swings and move ya. Dave said in an interview that this record feels like it did when they made the first couple albums. He also said that if its the last one he makes, its the only one he wants to be remembered for. I mean cmon, rather than Crash or Under the Table and Dreaming? You know its got to be damn good.

Leroi Moore who sadly past away and gave his ghost up last year starts off the album with a beautiful solo. Also, if you let the last song on the album keep playing there is another Sax solo by Leroi. Freakin sweet as hell!

There is not one bad song on this album and the album cover with all the drawings inside with the lyrics is spectacular. Dave actually drew the cover and all the stuff inside. Alot of the stuff from songs are on the cover. You can spend like an hour just groovin to the album and lookin at all the drawings.

So check it out, yes indeed- YUP DUP WUP DOP OOO YAY! yeah right on!


So I haven't been writing anything for a while cause I've been somewhat busy with work. But here goes another one. I saw the movie UP in the 3d not too long ago, and I was blown away. Graphics and imagery and 3d stuff aside, the movie was phenomenal!
Its basically the story of this old guy who loses his wife after I'd say almost like 80 years of being together. They met when they were just little kids and then fell in love and were together every second of their lives (kinda the way love should be if you ask me). And so when she passes on he life is empty. He is supposed to subside to everyone telling him to move out and go into a retirement home. But instead he blows up millions of helium balloons and decides to float his house to a little adventure spot in South America instead. Along the way his meets a boy scout named Russel and some animals as well. (I like a dog named Doug especially).

UP was a great movie. It was adventurous and comical. It was also a great story about love and life. When your life was great with no complaints and you were happy just being with the person you loved the most, what do you do after that? Wither up and just wait, or do you keep looking up and smile because you lived a great life and the person you love the most, has had the adventure of a lifetime with you? I think we are all called to live out our adventures and keep looking UP.......yes indeed!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 5 Baseball Movies of All Time

In the light of the baseball season getting me pumped for more baseball. Here is my Top 5 baseball movies of all time.

1: Bull Durham - No question. Its got baseball, sex, drinking, fighting, bad language. Kevin Costner's best role I think. It teaches you baseball, awesome lessons for life and its freakin hilarious. When he hits the bull...c'mon. Awesome flick.

2: The Sandlot - This movie does the same thing as Bull Durham, just in a PG way. It brings you back to your childhood of having fun, getting into trouble and playing baseball. C'mon, when Bennie teaches Smalls how to throw, and catch a doesn't get any better. "Just stand there and stick your glove in the air, and I'll take care of it." Good good stuff!

3: Major League - This is a great movie. Even though the final game in the movie is against the Yankee's, its still a great flick. The game at the end of the movie where Serano hits the home run off the curve ball and Ricky Vaughn strikes out the big guy. Ooh and then when Willie Mays Hays steals and gets hit in for the win. Great!

4: Field of Dreams - Not only is this a great baseball movie but I think its one of the only movies that guys will actually admit to crying over. At the end when he asks his dad..."wanna have a catch?" Yup, every time! Great flick.

5: A League of Their Own / The Natural - I still can't make up my mind on this one. After a heated discussion with my good buddy, I put this one as a tie. The Natural to me, is not that good of a baseball movie. Great movie, but as a great baseball movie for the top So I put it as a tie with A League of Their Own. Granted this one is chicks but c'mon...some of the best lines are in this one. "There's no crying in baseball". Or, " Its suppose to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would be doing it. The hard, is what makes it great".

Well put your own up there if you disagree...(ahem- Matt, you and D are the only ones who read this anyways) and go Yankees! God I love Baseball!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Good Way To Start

When is it time to grow up? Do you ever really have to? Can you be an adult and still be able to act like a kid?

Of course, people do it all the time. I never thought I would actually grow up. I never finished college. I 've had 5 jobs within about a year or so. I lived in a small apartment with my cat and never expected to be where I am now. Which is engaged to someone who loves me. Who actually unconditionally loves me. She likes the way I look, the way I talk, the way act, and the things I do. She's proud of me and who I am. That's something I never thought i would be able to have. I've always wanted to get married. I wanted to be with someone who wanted to be with me. I've always been a hopeless romantic. The nice guy who finished last, the guy things happened to but always a little bit later than everyone else and never really in the way you wanted it. The dork who just wanted someone to be a dork with him. I am "The Dawson"!

But now, for whatever reason I found someone who wants to be with me. Who is so sure of it that it has never crossed her mind once to not be with me. How do you measure that kind of love? I've discovered the most beautiful thing in the world. Love. Love is all around if you look for it. Or maybe you don't have to. It found me when I didn't want it. It found me when I wasn't looking for it. It found me, and it was everything I could have hoped it could be and more. Realization came to me in the form of a beautiful woman and when you realize the most important thing, then everything else just kind of flows together. You grow up without losing your innocence. You become an adult while being able to feel just like a kid. You regressivly grow up and the feeling couldn't be any sweeter. God has a plan for everyone and sometimes that plan is great. Sometimes that plan is horrible. I've found myself on many occasions not being on speaking terms with my God. You wonder why me? Or why this way? How is this a good thing? It doesn't make any sense. But then again, it doesn't make any sense that a beautiful woman would love someone that didn't measure up to certain people in the past whatever relationship they may have had. It doesn't make any sense. But it doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. Cause I'm in love. And that is all that matters to me!

I'm happy. I happy with myself, I'm happy with the world, and whatever bad times are in front of me, she makes it OK. She makes me who I am. I've never been more of who I am than since I've been with her. I get to grow up, because she makes me feel like a kid again! So I guess I'll start growing up. I got the girl in my love story and that's a good way to start.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Humilty lesson No.27

Humility is hard, and easy to forget. You ever forget? It happens to me. Too often. Why is being humble so hard?

It seems the longer time goes on, the harder it is. Its hard to say sorry. Its hard to let things go. People get the better of you and it is the hardest thing to let something go. So you try to rise above. Be the bigger person. That will show them. But if you try to be the bigger person out of spite, then that makes it wrong...right? So ok, get even. But that makes you beneath them. How do you let something go, without being spiteful and without doing something that you believe you shouldn't do? Do the right thing? Whats that? How do you know what the right thing is? What if the people you claim are doing the wrong thing, think that they are doing the right thing? Wouldn't that make what your doing the wrong thing? Does it have to be this hard? If you find out then you let me know.

Me, I'm going to live as I see fit. And their will be those who will not like. But in the arms of a woman, I found my way home. So to the arms of my woman, I will always go. And if I'm old till this oldness has me dying, I hope she'll be by me then. (Dave Matthews)