Saturday, June 20, 2009


The DAVE MATTHEWS BAND has released thier new album, BIG WHISKEY and the GROOGRUX KING. It is flippin awesome. Get it. The lyrics in this new album are amazing. The music in this album just swings and move ya. Dave said in an interview that this record feels like it did when they made the first couple albums. He also said that if its the last one he makes, its the only one he wants to be remembered for. I mean cmon, rather than Crash or Under the Table and Dreaming? You know its got to be damn good.

Leroi Moore who sadly past away and gave his ghost up last year starts off the album with a beautiful solo. Also, if you let the last song on the album keep playing there is another Sax solo by Leroi. Freakin sweet as hell!

There is not one bad song on this album and the album cover with all the drawings inside with the lyrics is spectacular. Dave actually drew the cover and all the stuff inside. Alot of the stuff from songs are on the cover. You can spend like an hour just groovin to the album and lookin at all the drawings.

So check it out, yes indeed- YUP DUP WUP DOP OOO YAY! yeah right on!

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proudest junkie said...

Big Whiskey is definitely a great album, it is the first time I feel that this band has made a studio album that transfers the level of energy from their live performances. I am not a fan of their studio albums and besides under the table and dreaming rarely listen to any of them. Their live albums I absolutely love and listen to quite frequently.
I enjoy each of these songs with the exception of "baby blue". Besides the obvious rip of another tune, think "sister" or "idea of you", the music is not inspired or worth listening to. Also I cannot figure out exactly what he is talking about. Maybe channeling Leroi Moore but due to him always wearing sunglasses I have no idea what color his eyes are. Sounds to me like a break up with a blue eyed lover or friend, which as I only have taste for brown eyes, cannot appreciate.
Instead of wasting time criticizing the one song I don't like, I have to say that "lying in the hands of god" is one of the best written and performed pieces that the band has ever played. It sounds like nothing in their catalog and nothing in music right now. This song has layers of musical talent that can flow in thousands of unprecedented directions that leaves quite the impression on the listener that not only is this band great, but Dave Matthews as a song writer is one of the best that there now is. My other standout is the catchy "Why I Am" which was Leroi's favorite on the album. Besides the music knockin your hair back, lyrically it is one of the deepest and personal songs on the record. In many religious texts God is called "I Am", Why I Am could mean Why God? with lyrics like "grew drunk on water turned into wine til I was slave and master at the same damn time" talks about the spirits that ruminate through the music. Dave Matthews again creates levels of imagery through wordplay that is unlike he ever attempted or has done before.
Many, Many other highlights on this album that could all be top 10 radio hits for different reasons, I hate to say it is their best as a founding member was not present, but maybe the spirit of a talented musician and friend helped take this band to this other level of sound that is once again improving their already impressive live shows all summer long. 2008 was considered their best touring year ever and this year has started in that same light, with all the other big name albums that have come out this year and will be coming out this year, Bruce, Dylan, Pearl Jam, Big Whiskey is hands down that kick you in the teeth album of the year