Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Way Way Back

Loved this movie! Absolutely loved it! This movie did not get a lot of buzz. It is extremely underrated. Way Way Back was written by the same guys who wrote The Descendants. This is one of the most heart-felt, enjoyable, well written movies that I've seen all year.

The movie is centered around a 14 year old named Duncan. He is on a summer trip with his mom, his mom's boyfriend and his daughter. They are staying at the boyfriends summer house. The boyfriend is played by Steve Carell. His character is a complete jerk and Carell plays it so well. It was weird seeing Steve Carell in that type of role. But he did a really good job. It's a good transition for taking on more serious roles like his upcoming role in Foxcatcher. Duncan keeps finding himself in this awkward situations. Having to tag along with Carell's daughter to the beach. Getting stuck at dinner with his mom, the boyfriend and 2 other friends. He can't seem to win in any situation. That all changes however when he meets Owen. An outgoing guy that is the manager of a water park and he takes Duncan under his wing. Gives him a job, helps him make some friends and gives Duncan the confidence he needs to get through his life. Owen is played by Sam Rockwell and his character in this movie is just awesome. He has some amazing zingers and 1 liners and Rockwell gives one of the best performances of his career. After the movie was over, I said to myself that I want to be this character.

The reason the movie is called The Way Way Back is because of the top picture. It was written from one of the writer's own childhood experience and having to sit in of those old station wagon seats that face the other way. It's the seat that's in the way, way back.

This movie is really, really good. It leave you feeling good. Definitely deserves a watch. It is written extremely well. There are a lot of subtle things that get mentioned. And there are some real characters. Meaning, you can recognize or identify with these characters in your own life. I'm in love with this movie. You get a real satisfaction after you've watched it. Definitely give this one a watch. You will not regret it. The Way Way Back is way way good! Yes yes indeed!

Dave Song of the Month.....

Don't Drink The Water

Come out come out
No use in hiding
Come now come now
Can you not see?
There's no place here
What were you expecting
Not room for both
Just room for me
So you will lay your arms down
Yes I will call this home

Away away
You have been banished
Your land is gone
And given me
And here I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home
What's this you say
You feel a right to remain
Then stay and I will bury you
What's that you say
Your father's spirit still lives in this place
I will silence you

Here's the hitch
Your horse is leaving
Don't miss your boat
It's leaving now
And as you go I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home
I have no time to justify to you
Fool you're blind, move aside for me
All I can say to you my new neighbor
Is you must move on or I will bury you

Now as I rest my feet by this fire
Those hands once warmed here
I have retired them
I can breathe my own air
I can sleep more soundly
Upon these poor souls
I'll build heaven and call it home
'Cause you're all dead now

I live with my justice
I live with my greedy need
I live with no mercy
I live with my frenzied feeding
I live with my hatred
I live with my jealousy
I live with the notion
That I don't need anyone but me

Don't drink the water
Don't drink the water
There's blood in the water
Don't drink the water

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Yes Indeed Papers Salute.....

Michael Keaton

Keaton is long overdue for a salute from me. I mean, the guy was the first legitimate Batman for crying out loud. He is such a versatile actor and doesn't get enough credit. I hope this generation knows who he is. In my opinion, he should have won an Oscar for best actor or best supporting for his role in Beetlejuice. He was awesome! Probably his best role. But like I said, he's such a versatile actor that he's good in  so many roles. Here are some of his more memorable roles.
(In chronological order)

  • Mr. Mom   (1983)
  • Johnny Dangerously   (1984)
  • Beetlejuice   (1988) 
  • The Dream Team   (1989)
  • Batman   (1989)
  • Batman Returns   (1992)
  • My Life   (1993)
  • The Paper   (1994)
  • Multiplicity   (1996)
  • Jackie Brown   (1998)
  • Out of Sight   (1998)
  • White Noise   (2005)
  • Cars - voice   (2006)
  • Toy Story 3  - voice   (2010)
  • The other Guys   2010

Keaton definitely deserves more credit. The guy's awesome in my opinion. He was one of the better Batman's. Probably the best behind Christian Bale. And I think I speak for a lot of nerds, Keaton and Tim Burton fans out there and say please, please, please do a sequel to Beetlejuice with the original cast. Oh man, that would be amazing. Anyways, I digress. I feel that some people out there will agree with me in my entry for Keaton for an unappreciated actor. Some people might not, but those people are incorrect, Michael Keaton is the man and people need to take notice.

So from all of here at The Yes Indeed Papers (and by all of us I mean just me), Michael Keaton.....we salute you. Yes indeed.