Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Yes Indeed Papers Salute......



Andre the Giant is my latest pick for my salute to the un-appreciated actor. Now, granted he was only in a couple movies and TV shows but he killed it every time. Andre was best known for his wrestling career and his battle with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 3. However, the reason he makes my list as a salute to the un-appreciated actor is his role in the movie, The Princess Bride. Andre played Fezzick and was soooooo good. He had great comedic timing and brought heart warming sense every time he came on the screen. He was awesome in that movie.

Andre the Giant also makes my list due to the fact the he was a f****** man. Andre stood 7'4 and weighed approx. 500 lbs. Andre once drank  127 beers in one sitting. That's amazing. That's sensational. That's a man right there.

Andre the Giant unfortunately died in 1993 at the age of 46. However, he will always be known as the "8th Wonder of the World". So, here's to the late, great Andre the Giant. From all of us here at The Yes Indeed Papers, (and by all of us I mean just me) Andre.....we salute you. Yes indeed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis

I've wanted to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer. This is the latest film from the Coen Brothers. I loved watching this movie. So good in fact, that in my opinion, Inside Llewyn Davis should have been nominated for several Academy Award including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.

The movie follows the title character Llewyn Davis in what appears to be a week of his life in the early 1960's Greenwich Village folk scene. You watch as he struggles to make a name for himself, find a place to sleep and maintain the relationships that he has in life. You also struggle yourself as you watch because you keep going back and forth on your feelings towards the character of Llewyn Davis. One minute you like him, and the next minute you don't. One minute you feel bad for him, and the next, you wonder why he is such an ass. Llewyn is constantly trying to make a name for himself but at the same time, he is alienating himself. He is constantly pushing people away while trying to get their help. Its a fantastic movie about struggle.

Oscar Isaac play Llewyn Davis. He is amazing in this role. In my opinion, probably got snubbed for an Oscar nomination. He also does all of his own singing and playing which is impressive. Carey Mulligan plays Jean, his female acquaintance and friend. She was sensational in this role. Also maybe snubbed for Best Supporting Actress or Best Actress. Justin Timberlake plays Jim, Jean's girlfriend and musical partner. Justin does really well in this movie. John Goodman also has a minor role in the film, as he usually does in Coen Brother's movies. Although his role is minor, his performance is really well.

The best part about the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, is the look at the 60's folk scene in New York and the music that's done in the movie. I want to say that almost all of the music in the film is original which is really cool. The tough part about watching this movie, is that it is just a snip-it of a story and then it just kind of ends. Which a lot of people don't like but I don't really mind. Llewyn Davis is a wonderful film about life, love music and the pursuit of life. Well, all of that with a little bitterness to it. Which is exactly what life is sometimes. Watch this movie. Yes indeed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

American Hustle

American Hustle.......great movie. It wasn't the best movie that I've ever watched, but it was a really good movie. It had drama, suspense, comedy, an original screenplay and probably the best acting from an entire cast that I've ever seen.

Usually a movie will produce some good acting with 1 or 2 good performances. The entire cast of this movie was unbelievably outstanding in this film. Like I said, it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen. The plot was good but it didn't blow me away. It's the somewhat true story (I say somewhat because that's how the movie emphasizes it, "somewhat") about a con man (Christian Bale) and his partner (Amy Adams) working with an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) on taking down Jersey powerbrokers, corrupt politicians and the mafia. It had some exciting moments but nothing that took my breath away. However, the acting in this movie was phenomenal.

Absolutely A+ performance from everyone involved. Christian Bale's performance as Irving Rosenfeld was perfect. It's hard to explain, but he was just brilliant throughout the entire movie. Amy Adams was my pick for Best Actress. She, along with Bale carried this movie. Bradley Cooper was extremely good as FBI agent Richie Dimaso. He had some scenes that left me saying wow. Jeremy Renner was wonderful as Jersey Mayor Carmine Polito. He was not nominated for an Oscar for this but probably should have been. Finally, Jennifer Lawrence plays Rosalyn Rosenfeld, Irving's wife. She was my pick for Best Supporting Actress. She was intoxicating in this movie. She brought the perfect amount of comic relief and drama to this movie. Absolutely sensational!

So, this wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but the acting was so good that it made for a great film. I didn't think it was going to win Best Picture but I thought for sure one of the actors would win for their performance. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that American Hustle was great movie, with an original story and amazing performances. Definitely watch this movie. Yes indeed.

Dallas Buyer Club

So I watched Dallas Buyers Club recently. I actually watched it before the Oscars, just didn't write anything on it. I should have because Dallas Buyers Club is a really good movie! It's a powerful look at the AIDS epidemic, the people involved and the way it changed them.

Dallas Buyers Club follows the true story of Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) and how he is diagnosed with the AIDS virus and only given 30 days to live. He starts experimenting in drugs not approved by the FDA in order to cure or prolong his life and ends up living for 6 years. Since these drugs are not legal to buy in the U.S., he establishes a "buyers club" in Dallas TX for those with AIDS to purchase the unapproved drugs. Hence the title, Dallas Buyers Club.

McConaughey is fantastic as Ron Woodroof. Now, granted I didn't know anything about this character before this movie. But McConaughey does such a good job, it's not necessary. You know exactly the type of person he was from McConaughey's performance. He brings electricity to every scene. It's easy to see why he was nominated and won the Oscar for Best Actor.

Now, the best performance of the movie was from Jared Leto. He plays Woodroof's cross dressing, HIV positive business partner Rayon. Leto is practically unrecognizable as Rayon. As the movie progresses, you forget who your watching. That's how good of a job he does. He was a shoe in for Best Supporting Actor.

Dallas Buyer's Club is a fantastic look at how people can change. About how 1 minute your life is one way and then the next minute, your life has done a complete 180. McConaughey and Leto give the performance's of their career in this must see movie. While it didn't move me the way some other movies do, it's definitely worth the watch. Check it out. Yes indeed.