Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Yes Indeed Papers Salute...

Kurt Russell.

Kurt Russell is my July pick for the under appreciated actor. The guy has been in some awesome movies and has killed it each time. Whether it's a cocky truck driver, a one-eyed man or it's weird stuntman who likes to kill girls with his car, he always give an unbelievable performance. He can do comedy, action, suspense, drama. I mean the guy's Snake Plissken for crying out loud. I think Kurt Russell is the man and I think he deserves more credit.

Here are some of his more memorable movies.

  • Escape From New York

  • Escape From L.A.

  • The Thing

  • Big Trouble in Little China

  • Overboard

  • Tango and Cash

  • Backdraft

  • Captain Ron

  • Tombstone

  • Stargate

  • Soldier

  • Miracle

  • Deathproof

Kurt Russell kills every performance he's in. His characters are legendary and I hope to see much more of him in the future. A return as Snake Plissken would be bad ass. So from all of us here at The Yes Indeed Papers (and by all of us, I mean just me), Kurt Russell....we salute you....Yes Indeed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friends With Benefits

Saw this one last weekend. Was hesitant about seeing it but it turned out to be a pretty decent flick actually.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis start out the movie as aquaintences, then friends, then good friends, then really good friends with some benefits. A lot of people including myself were unsure about this movie because some didn't like the first one when it was called No Strings Attached. I have yet to see that one but I didn't hear good things. But this one was good. It was funny, really funny actually. There was romance and some good chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis.

Mila Kunis was the perfect choice for this role. She's got the hot factor and portrays the "I don't want a relationship" type of character really well. (man is she good looking!) Timberlake is actually convincing me about his acting skills. He's a decent actor and pretty hilarious sometimes.

So check this movie out, it's a good date movie to go too. And I think that Kunis and Timberlake are going to have huge careers. Good movie! Yes Indeed!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cedar Rapids

So borrowed this movie from a friend, he said it was one of the funniest movies he's ever seen. And I say....yeah not so much (sorry Kyle)

Ed Helms stars in this dark comedy about a naive insurance agent who gets invited to an insurance conference. The conference turns out to be a crazy event in which Helms' character, gets involved with a woman, experiments with some alcohol and drugs, and stands up for himself.

I actually didn't really like this movie that much. It had some funny parts but there was some really big stuff that happened and I don't think it was needed in the movie. And the fact that it happened and it wasn't really touched on afterwards was a little goofy for me.

The woman that Helm's character gets involved in is married with kids and cheats on her husband. She tells Helms about it, he freaks out for like 2 minutes and then it never gets brought up again. That's not cool at all! If they weren't going to touch on it, why have it in the movie.

The drugs that he uses, is freakin crack! Not like pot or something, freaking crack cocaine. So there he is smokin a crack pipe, goes to a party, comedy ensues and then that's it. I mean, cmon....crack? Kind of a heavy duty drug. Again, not needed.

Funny movie, but like a I said, a little goofy for me. I could have done without those points of the movie. And if your going to put it in the movie, do something different with it. It could have been a lot funnier. A waste if you ask me because Ed Helms is awesome, and John C. Reilly is in it, and he's funny too. But this movie, didn't do it for me.


Recently I’ve been

All of content and dreaming I have been

'Cause I been lately seeing

Quite a bit of this woman live on my street

People stare and we just ignore everything

People stare and we just ignore them

And they go away, go away

She comes to me

I watch her drink

I watch her comb her hair

Both say that we never before have

Felt as recently

People stare and we just ignore

What's the use in hiding out

She says all the time

Let their eyes do the worrying about

She and me go to places quiet

Where we are quite alone

Kiss and we hold together

We will be until we done

People stare and we just ignore

What's the use in hiding out

She says all the time

Let their eyes do the worrying about

Both say that we never before

Never before have felt as recently

People stare and we just ignore everything

People stare and we just ignore them

And they go away, go away

Pretty, pretty girl

Lovely, lovely girl

Spin my world around

You got my world turnin

-Dave Matthews

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies

So I'm quarantined all weekend due to pink eye, and I popped in an Adam Sandler movie. So I figured I'd do an Adam Sandler list. So here are what I think are the Top 5 Adam Sandler movies.

1 - Big Daddy - Might not be every one's #1 but I think it's his best. Well rounded, funny, emotional, good story, chick-flick and a guy movie. Good good movie.

2 - Happy Gilmore - Hilarious. Funny, funny stuff. A mean Adam Sandler that loves his Grandma. Too many funny quotes are from this movie. And he gets into a fight with Bob Barker. Classic.

3 - The Wedding Singer - If you don't agree with this ranking, watch it again and tell me you disagree. I almost put it as #2. Sandler and Drew Barrymore are perfect together. A lot of funny moments mixed with the perfect amount of awww moments make this #3.

4 - The Waterboy - Loosely based on an Adam Sandler character from SNL called "Cantine Boy". Sandler is hilarious as the Waterboy who can tackle the sh*t out of people. And Kathy Bates is awesome as his mother.

5 - Billy Madison - God this movie is funny! One of his earlier ones. Not as sophisticated as some of the others, but awesome none-the-less.

Adam Sandler's awesome. And it was really difficult to narrow down all of his movies to just 5. But somebodies got to do it. So that's my list. Let me know what ya think. Yes indeed.

Derek Jeter.....Mr November.....The Captain....Mr 3000

Derek Jeter just became the first Yankee ever to get 3000 hits. He now becomes the 28th person in the history of MLB to hit 3000.

Hats off you Jeter....Yes Indeed!

Derek Jeter.....Mr November.....The Captain..... Mr 3000