Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies

So I'm quarantined all weekend due to pink eye, and I popped in an Adam Sandler movie. So I figured I'd do an Adam Sandler list. So here are what I think are the Top 5 Adam Sandler movies.

1 - Big Daddy - Might not be every one's #1 but I think it's his best. Well rounded, funny, emotional, good story, chick-flick and a guy movie. Good good movie.

2 - Happy Gilmore - Hilarious. Funny, funny stuff. A mean Adam Sandler that loves his Grandma. Too many funny quotes are from this movie. And he gets into a fight with Bob Barker. Classic.

3 - The Wedding Singer - If you don't agree with this ranking, watch it again and tell me you disagree. I almost put it as #2. Sandler and Drew Barrymore are perfect together. A lot of funny moments mixed with the perfect amount of awww moments make this #3.

4 - The Waterboy - Loosely based on an Adam Sandler character from SNL called "Cantine Boy". Sandler is hilarious as the Waterboy who can tackle the sh*t out of people. And Kathy Bates is awesome as his mother.

5 - Billy Madison - God this movie is funny! One of his earlier ones. Not as sophisticated as some of the others, but awesome none-the-less.

Adam Sandler's awesome. And it was really difficult to narrow down all of his movies to just 5. But somebodies got to do it. So that's my list. Let me know what ya think. Yes indeed.

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big D said...

I've gotta say 50 first dates and his most recent movie just go with it are up there for me. It's rare that i see an adam sandler movie that i don't like!