Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cedar Rapids

So borrowed this movie from a friend, he said it was one of the funniest movies he's ever seen. And I say....yeah not so much (sorry Kyle)

Ed Helms stars in this dark comedy about a naive insurance agent who gets invited to an insurance conference. The conference turns out to be a crazy event in which Helms' character, gets involved with a woman, experiments with some alcohol and drugs, and stands up for himself.

I actually didn't really like this movie that much. It had some funny parts but there was some really big stuff that happened and I don't think it was needed in the movie. And the fact that it happened and it wasn't really touched on afterwards was a little goofy for me.

The woman that Helm's character gets involved in is married with kids and cheats on her husband. She tells Helms about it, he freaks out for like 2 minutes and then it never gets brought up again. That's not cool at all! If they weren't going to touch on it, why have it in the movie.

The drugs that he uses, is freakin crack! Not like pot or something, freaking crack cocaine. So there he is smokin a crack pipe, goes to a party, comedy ensues and then that's it. I mean, cmon....crack? Kind of a heavy duty drug. Again, not needed.

Funny movie, but like a I said, a little goofy for me. I could have done without those points of the movie. And if your going to put it in the movie, do something different with it. It could have been a lot funnier. A waste if you ask me because Ed Helms is awesome, and John C. Reilly is in it, and he's funny too. But this movie, didn't do it for me.

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