Saturday, February 27, 2010


I hate the fact that......

I've had 4 surgeries on my shoulders in the past 3 years.

That I have to do exercises to rehabilitate my shoulder and that I've been doing them for 3 yrs and I still had to have 3 surgeries on one shoulder.

That I had to pay for 3 surgeries without insurance and only one of them worked.

That I still have a 20% chance of dislocating my shoulder again.

That I might need to have a total shoulder replacement somewhere in the next 10-20 yrs.

That I can never play professional baseball. (it wasn't going to happen anyway but it would have been nice to dream, now I can't even do that)

That I will always have to be super careful if I ever want to play a game of basketball, football, baseball.

That I might never be able to play a game of catch with my future children.

That I might never be able to defend myself or others physically without hurting myself to the point where surgery will most likely have to happen.

That I had to leave a job that I loved because certain people were backwards with certain beliefs.

That the job I want I might need to take a pay cut and work two times harder just to live comfortably.

That people feel that they get the better of me and sometimes I can't do anything about it.

I hate certain things and sometimes I just need to vent.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My NEW all time Top 5 movies

Ok, I was looking my blog entries and came across my first one and it was my Top 5 movie list of all time. And I need to make some changes to it because there have been some new ones that came out and my list needs to be updated. So here's my new and improved Top 5 Movies of all time!

1): Good Will Hunting - Has been and will always be my number one!

2): Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I can identify with alot of stuff in this movie. Maybe not the Hawaii part and dating a movie star part but a bunch of other stuff. And he wrote it himself. Good good stuff!

3): Deathproof - I think one of Tarantino's best! Everything was setup so perfectly and they're is some great music in it....right Ellen?

4): The Dark Knight - I saw this movie twice in theaters and it was well worth it. Heath Ledger was phenomenal and the story was original too! Thank God that Christopher Noland came out with the new ones to redeem the Batman movies after Batman Forever and Batman & Robin practically murdered them.
5): Star Wars: Episode III - Most people will say that it doesn't even compare to Empire but the Lightsaber scene at the end was phenomenal and we get to see him turn into Darth Vader...I mean, cmon!

Leave your All time top 5 in the comments!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 5's

I've been on hiatus for a good while. I don't know if anybody missed me or anything but if ya did. Hey thanks! I just recently had surgery and have had a lot of time to watch some movies. So I figured some Top 5's might be in order. So here are my Top 5 Zombie movies and Top 5 Vampire movies of all time!

Top 5 Zombie Movies

1): Zombieland - Just watched it and it had everything. Action, comedy, zombie gore, pretty girls, and Bill Murray! Great!

2): Planet Terror - The Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse movie was one of the best. A girl with a machine gun as a leg....cmon....fantastic.

3): Resident Evil 1-3 - I put them all on the list because I think they all added up to some pretty good Zombie movies! And Milla Jovovich is very nice.

4): Shaun of the Dead - This movie was hilarious but it was a pretty decent zombie movie too!

5): I Am Legend - Might not be on everyone else's list but this is my blog and my Top 5 so I think its a Zombie movie so its on the list!

Leave your own Top 5 in the comments! Look at the Top 5 Vampire movies.

Top 5 Vampire Movies

1): From Dusk Til Dawn - Robert Rodriguez nailed it and it was written by Quentin Tarantino. And he was pretty gnarly in it. But George Clooney was the man in this movie!

2): The Lost Boys - Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and some vampires! Great movie!

3): Blade 1-3 - Sweet Kung Fu moves to killing Vampires....awesome!

4): John Carpenter's Vampires - James Woods is great in this. Watch it, its fun!

5): Interview With the Vampire - Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt kill it. Crazy good!

Sorry, but Twilight didn't make the list. I like the movie but for vampires it was a little soft. Cool story but I wanted more gore and killing and stuff. Leave your Top 5 in the comments!