Saturday, April 24, 2010

500 Days of Summer

I borrowed this movie from a friend and then I had to go out and buy it because I knew it was one that I had to own. I loved everything about this movie. The actors and their performances, the music, the story, and especially the beginning and the end.

The opening of the movie states that this movie is fiction and any similarities are purely coincidence to any persons.....especially you Jenny Beckman....bitch. Now those are not the exact words but you get the idea. But isn't that the best way to start a movie. To indirectly but directly say that this movie is about you and your a bitch! Good good stuff. Now it also says that this movie is not a love story and it actually holds true to that. Its not, because its a story about real life. And 9 times out of 10, the real story is not the version that ends up in the movies. Its always the happy ending with the girl gets the guy or the guy gets the girl, even if one of them does something totally unforgivable. So the movie is true. Its also shot really well. Its keeps going back and forth between the 500 days. And the movies reflects that beautifully.

The main story of the movie is this guy who is looking for love. He the hopeless romantic that's believes in fate and destiny and true love and coincidence doesn't exist because its all part of the plan. He meets this girl who is beautiful and has all of the same interests. But when things get a little too serious between the two of them, she resorts back to never wanting to be somebodies girlfriend and she doesn't want to be a couple. So she says the she doesn't want to be too serious or be a couple but then she confuses the crap out of the guy by holding his hand, snuggling during movies, spending all of her free time with him and having some sex with him. But she's not his girlfriend. Real life is good stuff in movies.

So the movies continues and good situations happen with great dialogue and the perfect ending. Watch this movie. Good good stuff....yes indeed.