Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top 5 Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies

I watched a movie with Van Damme the other day and just decided to do this entry. I used to love Jean-Claude Van Damme movies when I was a kid. So here are what I think are the top 5 Van Damme movies.

1) Bloodsport  -  Van Damme enters a full contact tournament and kicks ass. Hell yes.

2) Street Fighter  -  Based off the Capcom video game, Van Damme plays Col. Guile and saves the world against General Bison. Great sarcastic lines from Van Damme and a fun performance from Raul Julia make this a corny, yet fun movie.

3) Sudden Death  -  Van Damme attempts to save the Vice President who is being held hostage by Powers Boothe. And this is all going on during a Pittsburgh Penguins playoff  hockey game. Van Damme kills a bad guy by stabbing him in the throat with a chicken bone. Awesome.

4) Timecop  -  Van Damme plays a cop who travels through time catching criminals. Good action, crappy special effects and more sarcasm from Van Damme.

5) Kickboxer  -  Van Damme attempts to avenge his brother's death when he is paralyzed by a vicious Thai kickboxer. And the final fight, you have your hands wrapped in burlap, dipped in wax and covered in glass. Bad ass!

Honorable Mentions:         The Quest  -  The Expendables 2  -  Double Impact  -  Universal Soldier

And there it is.  My top 5 Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. Just for fun Yes indeed.

Kick-Ass 2

I was really excited to see this movie. The first movie was awesome. The violence, the language and the amazing performance from Chloe Grace-Moretz. So needless to say I was more excited to see the sequel.

Kick-Ass 2 picks up almost right where the first movie left off. "Kick Ass" (Aaron Johnson) is getting trained by "Hit Girl" (Chloe Grace-Moretz) and are protecting the city from scum. All while the new super villain, "The MotherF*****", is out to extract revenge for "Kick Ass" killing his father. The plot is simple so it makes for easy watching. The extra fun thing about this movie is the fact that "Kick Ass" has to join other super heroes due to the fact that "Hit Girl" made a promise to her guardian. She promised that she wouldn't be "Hit Girl" anymore. She struggles with herself and has a constant battle between being a super hero, trying not to be a super hero and discovering new things about being a 15 year old girl. She still kills it in this movie. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is filthy but awesome. She is so good in this movie. So like I said, that leaves "Kick Ass" joining up with other super heroes and they all protect the city. Enter Jim Carrey. Carrey plays "Colonel Stars & Stripes". He is a bad ass who hates crime and those who break the law. His on screen time is short but awesome.

The whole movie is fun and entertaining. Right up to the end when you have approx. 50 super heroes in a rumble with approx. 50 super villains. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Make sure you watch the first movie before you watch this movie. You don't necessarily have to, but it makes for a better movie. actually, now that I think about it, sometimes when you watch a sequel first, it makes the first movie really neat cause you get to how everything came together. You can do either with this movie. So I would definitely recommend this movie. The first Kick-Ass is better than this one but the sequel is still awesome. So check it out. It kicks ass! (see what I did there?) Yes indeed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pacific Rim
 when people saw the preview for this movie, all they saw was giant robots vs. big monsters. And they're not wrong, but giant robots vs. big monsters on an HD screen? Hell yeah!

This movie is fun. Just plain old fun. Big action and some really fun moments make for a good time. I said it in my last entry and I'll say it again for this movie. It's entertaining. Let yourself go and enjoy some blockbuster action. Guillermo Del Toro makes fun movies. He's the same guy that did Hellboy 1 & 2. I'm a fan of Guillermo Del Toro movies. He has original stories and original characters. And I'm also a fan of Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Idris Elba (Prometheus). They are a great caliber of actors and they give this film the drama factor that it needed. Without it, the movie would be extremely cheesy. There is a great speech from Idris Elba that might give you goose bumps.

I will admit that this movie that took me by surprise. I didn't think much of it when I saw the preview. But after I gave it a chance? I really enjoyed it! It's a good time. Check it out. But make sure you have an HD TV or a the graphics will go wasted o you. Blu-Ray also help. Pacific Rim!!! Yes indeed.

Fast & Furious 6

So I have a feeling that there are a majority of people that just see cheesy action flick written all over this movie. And the fact that this is the 6th movie in the franchise so they are just beating a dead horse. And they're right. However, that doesn't mean that this movie is not a great time.

So embrace the cheese, embrace the moments that make you say, "c'mon! There is no way that could happen!" So if you let go of that and just enjoy an action movie with fun 1 liners and big dudes beating the hell out of each other, then you will enjoy yourself. Now, I will admit, I was totally against the 4th installment in the series. And then when Fast Five came out, I was like.......seriously? But I forced myself to watch them and you know what? They're not half bad? They are fun. There is some serious action involved and I have a good time watching it. Fast & Furious 6 is not a movie about fast cars and street racing. Neither is Fast Five for that matter. It's more of a team of thieves trying to rob the rich or in this movie, trying to earn their freedom. Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have cemented themselves as huge action stars. And they definitely deliver. Not to mention, there is a great fight scene between ex MMA fighter Gina Carano and Michelle Rodiguez.  

Just watch this movie. And #'s 4 and 5. Just forget about seeing anything that will earn Oscar nominations and you'll remember why you watch movies. Because they are entertaining. Fast & Furious 6 does just that. Entertain you. I, personally am excited for # 7. Yes indeed.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Loved it! Elysium is another original movie that kicks ass. And oh yeah, it another movie in which Matt Damon kicks ass. He rocked the shit in this one!

Elysium stars Matt Damon as a regular guy trying to making in the regular world. Except the regular world is in the year 2154 and the regular world has gone to shit. The wealthy and important live on Elysium. A man made space station that has it's own atmosphere and the ability and technology to cure disease. There is no poverty, no waste and no poor. Damon's character gets exposed to a deadly radiation by a work accident and has 5 days in order to get himself to Elysium to save himself. Along the way, he has to battle the Jodie Foster, the secretary of Elysium who is hell bent on maintaining the pristine order of things on Elysium by any means necessary. She enlists the help of a mercenary played by Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team). Damon gets a little help from black market dealers and gets a fusion which offers network connections and super human strength.

This movie is highly entertaining. I was enthralled through every minute. It was captivating and had a great story. I didn't hear too much about it in theaters which is surprising because I thought it would have had much more of  buzz. The same guy who wrote and directed the Oscar nominated movie, District 9, wrote and directed this movie. Elysium is one hell of a ride with some awesome special effects and an original story. And like I said Matt Damon rocked the shit in this one.

Watch this movie. Yes indeed.

10 Years

This was a cool little movie. I didn't really know what to expect in all honesty. While I was watching it, I was kind of hating everything about it. It reminded me of high school but in a way that I wouldn't want to remember. In fact, my memories of high school didn't even register with this movie. But as you continue to watch, you get a sense of what would happen if you attended your own 10 year high school reunion.

This movie was a good watch for a few different reasons. It really does have a great cast. Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Audrey Plaza, Oscar Isaac, Justin Long, Ari Graynor & Kate Mara among  several others. There is a captivating factor about this movie. About 30 or 40 minutes in, the character development really grabs you. My favorite thing about this movie is Oscar Isaac's character. He is the person that is now a famous musician and has some really great scenes with Kate Mara. Especially an original song that he sings at a bar. I got some goose bumps to be honest.

10 Years is good movie. It's not a great movie, but it's entertaining. Watch it if your looking for an original movie with some neat scenes. Yes indeed.


This movie was awesome! Everything about it was visually stunning. The opening sequence, right to the end credits. The entire movie had me on the edge of my seat.

It's a quick movie, approximately 90 minutes or so. So about 15 minutes starts. Pieces of a satellite orbiting the earth and crashes into the space shuttle that Sandra Bullock & George Clooney are working on. From there, it's over an hour of Sandra Bullock hurling through space, trying not to die, and attempting to battle zero gravity in order to get back to earth. She challenges the impossible and it is thoroughly entertaining.

The really cool thing about this movie is that before the movie starts, there is an opening segment that states some facts about space. For instance, the fact that there is no sound. So that fact is carried out throughout the entire movie. Any crash, any bang, any knock, any hit is completely silent. So there are some terrifying moments that are made extra intense because there is no sound. Freaking awesome.

Gravity is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture this year and it is well deserving. This is a good movie. Check it out and try to keep yourself on the ground. Yes indeed.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Apologies

Ok, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. My bad. The wife and I switched internet providers and for a while, we were without the internet. It was like living in the dark ages. It was liberating and annoying all at the same time.

I will be doing some new posts very shortly. That is, if anybody actually read this thing. Anyways, I watched a ton of movies, came up with some really bitchin entries. So some stuff will be coming soon.

That's what she said.

Yes indeed.