Saturday, January 18, 2014


Loved it! Elysium is another original movie that kicks ass. And oh yeah, it another movie in which Matt Damon kicks ass. He rocked the shit in this one!

Elysium stars Matt Damon as a regular guy trying to making in the regular world. Except the regular world is in the year 2154 and the regular world has gone to shit. The wealthy and important live on Elysium. A man made space station that has it's own atmosphere and the ability and technology to cure disease. There is no poverty, no waste and no poor. Damon's character gets exposed to a deadly radiation by a work accident and has 5 days in order to get himself to Elysium to save himself. Along the way, he has to battle the Jodie Foster, the secretary of Elysium who is hell bent on maintaining the pristine order of things on Elysium by any means necessary. She enlists the help of a mercenary played by Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team). Damon gets a little help from black market dealers and gets a fusion which offers network connections and super human strength.

This movie is highly entertaining. I was enthralled through every minute. It was captivating and had a great story. I didn't hear too much about it in theaters which is surprising because I thought it would have had much more of  buzz. The same guy who wrote and directed the Oscar nominated movie, District 9, wrote and directed this movie. Elysium is one hell of a ride with some awesome special effects and an original story. And like I said Matt Damon rocked the shit in this one.

Watch this movie. Yes indeed.

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