Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis

I've wanted to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer. This is the latest film from the Coen Brothers. I loved watching this movie. So good in fact, that in my opinion, Inside Llewyn Davis should have been nominated for several Academy Award including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.

The movie follows the title character Llewyn Davis in what appears to be a week of his life in the early 1960's Greenwich Village folk scene. You watch as he struggles to make a name for himself, find a place to sleep and maintain the relationships that he has in life. You also struggle yourself as you watch because you keep going back and forth on your feelings towards the character of Llewyn Davis. One minute you like him, and the next minute you don't. One minute you feel bad for him, and the next, you wonder why he is such an ass. Llewyn is constantly trying to make a name for himself but at the same time, he is alienating himself. He is constantly pushing people away while trying to get their help. Its a fantastic movie about struggle.

Oscar Isaac play Llewyn Davis. He is amazing in this role. In my opinion, probably got snubbed for an Oscar nomination. He also does all of his own singing and playing which is impressive. Carey Mulligan plays Jean, his female acquaintance and friend. She was sensational in this role. Also maybe snubbed for Best Supporting Actress or Best Actress. Justin Timberlake plays Jim, Jean's girlfriend and musical partner. Justin does really well in this movie. John Goodman also has a minor role in the film, as he usually does in Coen Brother's movies. Although his role is minor, his performance is really well.

The best part about the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, is the look at the 60's folk scene in New York and the music that's done in the movie. I want to say that almost all of the music in the film is original which is really cool. The tough part about watching this movie, is that it is just a snip-it of a story and then it just kind of ends. Which a lot of people don't like but I don't really mind. Llewyn Davis is a wonderful film about life, love music and the pursuit of life. Well, all of that with a little bitterness to it. Which is exactly what life is sometimes. Watch this movie. Yes indeed.

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