Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I haven't been writing anything for a while cause I've been somewhat busy with work. But here goes another one. I saw the movie UP in the 3d not too long ago, and I was blown away. Graphics and imagery and 3d stuff aside, the movie was phenomenal!
Its basically the story of this old guy who loses his wife after I'd say almost like 80 years of being together. They met when they were just little kids and then fell in love and were together every second of their lives (kinda the way love should be if you ask me). And so when she passes on he life is empty. He is supposed to subside to everyone telling him to move out and go into a retirement home. But instead he blows up millions of helium balloons and decides to float his house to a little adventure spot in South America instead. Along the way his meets a boy scout named Russel and some animals as well. (I like a dog named Doug especially).

UP was a great movie. It was adventurous and comical. It was also a great story about love and life. When your life was great with no complaints and you were happy just being with the person you loved the most, what do you do after that? Wither up and just wait, or do you keep looking up and smile because you lived a great life and the person you love the most, has had the adventure of a lifetime with you? I think we are all called to live out our adventures and keep looking UP.......yes indeed!

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