Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 5 Baseball Movies of All Time

In the light of the baseball season getting me pumped for more baseball. Here is my Top 5 baseball movies of all time.

1: Bull Durham - No question. Its got baseball, sex, drinking, fighting, bad language. Kevin Costner's best role I think. It teaches you baseball, awesome lessons for life and its freakin hilarious. When he hits the bull...c'mon. Awesome flick.

2: The Sandlot - This movie does the same thing as Bull Durham, just in a PG way. It brings you back to your childhood of having fun, getting into trouble and playing baseball. C'mon, when Bennie teaches Smalls how to throw, and catch a doesn't get any better. "Just stand there and stick your glove in the air, and I'll take care of it." Good good stuff!

3: Major League - This is a great movie. Even though the final game in the movie is against the Yankee's, its still a great flick. The game at the end of the movie where Serano hits the home run off the curve ball and Ricky Vaughn strikes out the big guy. Ooh and then when Willie Mays Hays steals and gets hit in for the win. Great!

4: Field of Dreams - Not only is this a great baseball movie but I think its one of the only movies that guys will actually admit to crying over. At the end when he asks his dad..."wanna have a catch?" Yup, every time! Great flick.

5: A League of Their Own / The Natural - I still can't make up my mind on this one. After a heated discussion with my good buddy, I put this one as a tie. The Natural to me, is not that good of a baseball movie. Great movie, but as a great baseball movie for the top So I put it as a tie with A League of Their Own. Granted this one is chicks but c'mon...some of the best lines are in this one. "There's no crying in baseball". Or, " Its suppose to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would be doing it. The hard, is what makes it great".

Well put your own up there if you disagree...(ahem- Matt, you and D are the only ones who read this anyways) and go Yankees! God I love Baseball!

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proudest junkie said...

I gotta say that this is a hard topic, notice there aren't other sports that have even close to the amount of movies made about them as baseball does. I would definitely agree with Bull Durham in the number one spot and Sandlot in the number 2, I would put the Natural at number three as I think that movie is one of the stories that makes baseball what it is. After listening to many games over the years the Natural is constantly referenced as it demonstrates not only the legends that such players as Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio were made of but it shows the mental parts of the game, the politics involved and how everything comes back around and that is true as in life as it is in baseball, example Yanks RedSox 2004. Upon further thought Number 4 would go to Field of Dreams even though Kevin Costner plays Robin Hood with an American accent he was decent as a farmer in Iowa which is the heartland of the past time and people still say "if you build it he will come". Number 5 is "A League of their own", for same reasons as yours I hate to leave out Major League as fun as those movies were, they are far funnier than all except Bull Durham just not as classic of movies as the others.