Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Humilty lesson No.27

Humility is hard, and easy to forget. You ever forget? It happens to me. Too often. Why is being humble so hard?

It seems the longer time goes on, the harder it is. Its hard to say sorry. Its hard to let things go. People get the better of you and it is the hardest thing to let something go. So you try to rise above. Be the bigger person. That will show them. But if you try to be the bigger person out of spite, then that makes it wrong...right? So ok, get even. But that makes you beneath them. How do you let something go, without being spiteful and without doing something that you believe you shouldn't do? Do the right thing? Whats that? How do you know what the right thing is? What if the people you claim are doing the wrong thing, think that they are doing the right thing? Wouldn't that make what your doing the wrong thing? Does it have to be this hard? If you find out then you let me know.

Me, I'm going to live as I see fit. And their will be those who will not like. But in the arms of a woman, I found my way home. So to the arms of my woman, I will always go. And if I'm old till this oldness has me dying, I hope she'll be by me then. (Dave Matthews)

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