Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kieth's Top 5 Movie Villains

1: Darth Vader - No person has ever looked better in a mask. You recognize his breathing anywhere and his deep voice allows for an intimidating encounter. He uses the force for evil and can dominate with a light saber...bad ass!

2: The Joker (2008 version) - Heath Ledger pulled off an unbelievable performance outdoing what Jack Nicholson so brilliantly did in 89'. The new Joker is evil in a way you want evil to be. He is dark and wants everyone to watch him destroy humanity. He is a step ahead of the competition and enjoys what he does. His masochistic mentality allows him to never be stopped. In the movie he can also kick some ass!

3: Hannibal Lechter - "Hannibal the Cannibal". Whats more evil than eating people? Not much! He can hold his own in a one on one and rip your life apart just meeting you. He's highly intelligent and psychopathic which, like The Joker, makes for a brilliant combination!

4: Michael Myers (Halloween) - This mammoth of a man puts on what originally is a William Shatner mask and goes and kills people. He kills his family, he kills random people, he kills animals. He kills pretty much anything he wants. He doesn't talk which makes for a scarier effect and walks to some pretty frightening music! He is humongous, strong, crazy, and mute which is just nasty! ( Portrayed the best in the 2007 Rob Zombie version! )

5: Anton Chigurh ( No Country For Old Men ) - He's soft spoken but driven with a purpose. He'll kill you just for inconveniencing you. Ask him the wrong question or say the wrong thing and your life could come down to a coin toss. Pretty hardcore if you ask me. And he'll can kill you a hundred different ways but the best has to be the oxygen tank shot of air to the head....nasty!

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Ellen said...

Top 5 Movie Villains!
1) The Joker! (Heath Ledger)
2) Agent Smith from the Matrix!
3) Cruela De Vil! She scared the shiz out of me when I was little!
4) Lord Voldemort! He's just not nice!
5) Darth Vader!