Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Country For Old Men

I found myself buying the most praised about movie of last year, "No Country For Old Men". This film won several awards including Best Picture, Best Director(s), and Best Supporting Actor. I was confused about the story and the ending the first time I watched it. But I still wanted to have it apart of my collection. Once watching it again I better appreciated it and it's character's.

I identified with all 3 main characters. The man trying to take the money and run. The man trying to get the money back and the man trying to keep the peace and make sense of the whole situation. Josh Brolin gives a very good performance as Llewelyn Moss and Tommy Lee Jones gives a surprisingly good performance as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. (Jones' really has only given 2 good performances before this movie with "The Fugitive" and "Men in Black".) But the breakthrough performance goes to Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. He plays a sadistic killer perfectly. The kind of guy who can kill you for looking at him the wrong way and he won't feel any remorse by it. He'll kill you and maintain his composure. He's crazy but not stupid. The way he talks, walks, thinks and acts gave me chills and I found myself once again rooting for the bad guy. Mainly because the bad guy in this particular case seems to be the one thing you remember most about the movie. The scene that steals the movie is when Bardem's character is trying to pay for gas when the attendant makes smalltalk about the weather. That's when Bardem's character switches into crazy mode and the guy walks away with his life because he won a coin toss. That's pretty bad ass if you ask me. Bardem's character is such a good villain, and Bardem plays him so well that he makes it into my Top 5 list of movie villains of all time.

"No Country For Old Men" is a solid movie that forces you to pay attention. What the movies lacks in speed it makes up for with anticipation. Great character's with great performances gave this movie the credit it deserved and should be watched by all.
4 stars (out of 4)

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proudest junkie said...

I dug this movie for many many reasons the main one being the way it messed with my head. The beginning of the movie starts sort of in the middle with so much already having happened and so much about to happen at any second, this was an eerie(sp) way to start a movie. The viewers imagination has to take over what is what and who is who and why its all happening in the middle of some godforsaken desert. The wild ride of american greed then begins with those old simple questions of "what would you do if you found 100$ on the floor of a parking lot?" except in this case its alot more then 100$. The greed runs wild into an action packed pscyhological killing spree where the killer moves slow enough to be precise, psychotic and chilling. It ultimately is No country for Old men as the times, crimes, and mind state of basic criminals has changed. The upholding laws have changed and they cant keep up with the monsters they have created. The criminals go deeper and deeper into a world no cop wants to go. Young people have more of an imagination then elders, they will beleive anything. The older you get you beleive one thing and deny others because that has been your experience, so if you deny something how can you beat it? Hence certain wars overseas. Most bad ace movie of 2007 by far and possibly one of the most bad ace of all time.