Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best Dance Movie There Is?

Footloose. Is Footloose the best dance movie there is? Now a days, there are dance movies coming out the wazoo. Save the last dance, Step Up, Step Up 2, How She Move, etc. Dancing isn't dancing anymore its become something a little more....dumb.

In my opinion there are only three dance movies and that's it. Footloose, Flashdance, and Dirty Dancing. Those are the ones that all the new dance movies should get compared to. Since each movie was made in the 80's, each movie has a certain degree of corniness. But as corny as they are, they still are praised more than the dance movies today. The movies today deal with "Oh no, I need to dance cause that's all I can do." I mean in that Save the Last Dance movie the sister of the main character had a baby but yet she is going out every night dancing at the club. I mean that's just not even good parenting. But yet dancing seems to be more important. These dance movies are all the same and the only difference is what "ringtone rap" song they are dancing to. Maybe it wouldn't be a problem if the kids watching these movies knew where these stories came from. They all stem from the 3 dance movies of the 80's.

In Dirty Dancing, a young girl goes to a summer resort with her family and discovers a whole new world of unconventional dancing. She learns the style and in doing so she falls in love with her instructor and discovers herself along they way. There is style 1.

In Flashdance, a young striving dancer wants to make it big so she practices and makes her way to the top. But during the movie she carries her own weight. She works two jobs and makes it all her own. (This movie also has one of the most sexiest scenes in it when she takes her bra off underneath her shirt while she's talking to a guy). There is style 2.

Finally in Footloose, a young man moves to a small town from the big city and finds out that dancing is illegal. It's him against the world when he wants to have a dance and he brings the best out in people throughout the movie. Style 3. And is Footloose the best? As cheesy as it is throughout and for the fact that no one is allowed to dance during the movie and then at the end, everyone is a good dancer, it is a great movie. Possibly, the best dance movie. Kevin Bacon has to fight off a whole town and wins. Great stuff!

I think the thing that bothers me the most is younger kids now a days have no clue about these movies. They have no idea that this is where all the ideas stem from but I guess that is the case with a lot of things these days. I think everyone should watch Footloose and get lost in the cheesiness. Have fun with 80's style and just have a good time.

Footloose : 3 Stars (out of 4)

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Isaac said...

Absolutely...the best dance movie ever. You know, I love it. Remeber when I did an enire class on it at SHC?