Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

I recently saw the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for at least 8 months. I saw the first preview for it during the I Am Legend premiere. It looked Dark, more violent and very spooky due to the fact that one of the leading roles was played by a guy who just passed away. (Heath Ledger)

The movie itself was good but the reason it was great was due to Heath Ledger. I was blown away by his performance. The Australian actor hid his accent, his face and his manorisms and became a completley different person. I was unaware it was even him. Ledger gave a oscar worthy performance as the sinister Joker. A role made famous by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 Batman directed by Tim Burton. In my opinion Ledger out-performed Nicholson. During the course of the movie I found myself rooting for Ledger's character. His happiness towards evil and his clever wit made it easy to like the bad guy. I mean the guy laughed when he was getting his butt whooped and had such a smartass idea about everything. I absolutley loved his performance.

The movie was phenomenal! A great plot, with a stellar performance allowed for this movie to work its way in to the Top 5. 4 Stars (Out of 4)


Squals55 said...

I don't know if you remember, but awhile ago, you led a discussion at church based on bad guys from movies that are so cool that you would root for them. I think you said Darth Vader. I guess the Joker now falls under this category.

proudest junkie said...

I agree that the Dark Knight was an excellent film dealing with the darkness of psychopathic minds. Heath Ledger had his own spin on the joker character and Christopher Nolan ensured that he would not copy Jack Nicholson's joker, even though Nicholson gets paid for any use of the joker character. The makeup was creepy, the walk, the hunch, the mannerisms, and the dialogue. All of this was different from the the older batman movies. This movie should not have been rated pg-13. There was more blood and murder then many movies and the bone in the face scared my 21 year old girlfriend I cant imagine a kid seeing it as well a gun being pushed to a little kid's face. These arent things kids should see. The older batman's were kid and family friendly, the newer ones are for those kids who are now young adults and adults who were disappointed with movies like batman and robin and batman forever. That is why they should have an R rating. A kid would not understand this storyline or the storyline to batman begins. Make it R rated and add more violence. I hope there is another movie and another great blog to comment on