Friday, August 8, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

I was referred to this movie by a friend of mine. I originally didn't really have any interest in watching it but I'm glad I did.

Owen Wilson is a homeless veteran who walks the streets begging for cash and getting food whenever he can. He is hired by three kids who keep getting constantly bullied by 2 kids at their high school. But the only problem is that they think he's an actual bodyguard when in fact he knows nothing about protecting people and his plan is to extort as much money from the kids as possible. The movie was actually pretty good. Even though some of the jokes have been used already. The plot was simple and the ending was predictable, it was still a movie worth watching. Owen Wilson gives a good performance as the lead title character Drillbilt Taylor. The kids he is hired to protect steal the show with some of the best dork performances I've seen. The overweight kid in particular had me rollin!

Drillbit Taylor is an hysterical movie with supporting actors who steal the show. So check it out.

3 Stars (out of 4)

Yes indeed...

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proudest junkie said...

This being another apatow production I figured it had to be decent at worst and the movie far exceeded expectations. Unlike other children based movies(Winn Dixie) Drillbit was funny, creative, and had meaning. There are not many homeless bodyguards walking around protecting rich californ-I-A kids from a psycho bully who mom is Lisa Lampinelli. Owen Wilson was great although not as great as he was in the Darjeeling Limited. The freestyle of "I'm like COSTCO I give ass-whooping in bulk" couldnt have been better, white kids rapping makes me laugh hence-"white vanilla" word, enjoyed this movie thoroughly and recommend it to anyone who wants an original laugh.