Monday, August 18, 2008

Charlie Bartlett

I recently enjoyed watching the movie Charlie Bartlett. A story about a good kid in high school who does bad things to gain popularity and attention. He gets kicked out of every school he attends and all he wants is to be the person people come to for anything and everything.
Newcomer actor Anton Yelchin plays Charlie Bartlett. (Yelchin is pretty impressive in the lead role) His first day at a new school doesn't go so well which sends him straight to the family shrink and finds him easily becoming the recipient of some prescription medication. He quickly learns he can sell these easily obtainable meds to the people who actually need them...the kids that he attends class with. But he gains to much popularity as the new school therapist and soon he finds himself under the watchful eye of the school principal played by Robert Downey Jr. (Who is pretty good in this movie)

Charlie Bartlett is an original movie with a clever script and fine acting. For a day in age where everyone has a problem and every problem has a prescription, a movie that pokes fun at some psychoanalytic bull**** is good stuff. Watch this movie!

3 stars (out of 4)

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