Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scream 4

So I watched Scream 4 last night, and I actually really liked it. It was right up there with the first one. Scream 2 and Scream 3 were kinda lacking a lot in story. However 4 was actually pretty good.

Kevin Williamson took a stab at this one and really delivered. Good character development along with a decent story made this a good scary movie. These types of movies are more jumpy than scary but what makes this a good movie is the mystery of it all. Scary movies with zombies, vampires, or a killer like Michael Myers are scary but there's no mystery. You know who the killer is right away, and don't really care why their killing. With Scream, you find yourself guessing the entire time as to who the killer is. It really makes for an enjoyable movie experience. I took 2 guesses as to who the killer was and I was wrong both times.

Also, with Kevin Williamson, your promised a lot of movie references and some corny but fun scary moments. I really think that he delivered this time. A good story with bad language and an R rating makes this a decent flick. Scream 4 also has one of the better Scream endings than the previous two films.

If you want a fun scary movie for Halloween time, Scream 4 is a good pick. Yes indeed.

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