Sunday, October 23, 2011

Footloose vs Footloose


So my wife and I saw the new Footloose movie last night. We were both pretty hesitant because we're huge fans of the first one. I mean it's Kevin Bacon. Why would you remake this movie? So since we are such big fans, we felt obligated to see the new one. And I got to tell ya, it was awesome!

Now right away, I want to say that it is not better than the first one. I mean the first one is the original but it's not about one being better than the other. It was a decent remake. I was expecting a lot worse but it was really a lot of fun to watch. The acting was good, the story received a little tweaks but they weren't bad tweaks. They meshed well with the original story. The dancing also received an update, as to be expected but again, it made for a fun movie. I was really impressed. It was also pretty funny. An relatively unknown actor named Miles Teller played Willard and he almost stole the show with some of lines and delivery. Kenny Wormald played Kevin Bacon, I mean Ren. But he did a pretty good job as well. Julianne Hough played Ariel and she almost did a better job than Lori Singer who played the part in 84'. A must better dancer at least. My only disappointment was that Kevin Bacon didn't make a cameo. That would have been awesome.

Overall, it was a good good movie. If your a fan of the 1984 original, watch the new Footloose, and be prepared to have a good time. Cut loose.....yes indeed!

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