Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Yes Indeed Papers Salute...

Tim Roth

Tim Roth is my August pick for the unappreciated actor. He hasn't been in as many films as most, but when he does, he kills it every time. He is so good at delivering some great moments of intensity. He has this look about him that can be almost evil in a way. His performance in Planet of the Apes was unbelievable. And he was awesome in Reservoir Dogs. He is so good in so many roles and yet, not too many people know about him nor has he gotten any sort huge award for the amazing performances that he did. He deserves way more credit. Here are some of his more memorable roles.

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Rob Roy

  • Four Rooms

  • Gridlock'd

  • Hoodlum

  • Planet of the Apes

  • The Incredible Hulk

Tim Roth is the man, and I think he deserves a lot more credit. I hope that directors like Tarantino will utilize him more and put him in some upcoming movies. So from all of us here at The Yes Indeed Papers (and by all of us I mean just me), Tim Roth, we salute you! Yes indeed.

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