Sunday, August 21, 2011


Saw this one last week. Didn't know what to expect but overall, I though it was awesome.

Paul is the story of two guys from England, who come to America on a trip to Comic-con, then head across the country touring alien hot spots like Area 51, the black mailbox, stuff like that. Upon their travels the meet Paul, an Alien that crash landed here in 1947. Graeme and Clive, played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, decide to try and help Paul get to his ship so he can go back home. Comedy then ensues.

The reason that Paul is good is for three reasons. One, Paul is voiced by Seth Rogen. And his delivery of the jokes are perfect. Two, the movie was written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Same guys behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and those movies rocked. And three, this is essentially the movie E.T., but its Rated R, it has a lot of cursing, and it's hilarious. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to laugh.

Paul is an awesome movie! Yes indeed.

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