Thursday, October 14, 2010

When I die I.....

My wife and I were talking things that we would like to have happen after we die. Here is a list of things that I came up with.
  • I would like to be cremated.

  • Have my ashes scattered over Dave Matthews grave site. (just kidding)

  • Be made into Keith cookies or Keith brownies but don't tell people until after they ate some.

  • Have my ashes put into little baggies and handed out to people that show up. Just to gross people out.

  • Be buried in a random family members backyard but only Jess knows who.

  • Have a treasure map to my ashes.

  • Have my eulogy be every blog entry up to my death and everyone has to sit through the reading of each one. (to those who don't read my blog and I ask them to!)

  • Have beer, chicken wings and pizza at my funeral. Because who wouldn't want some wings at a funeral....cmon.

  • Make sure someone has a cigarette ready for Jess.

  • Have a viewing of my Top 5 favorite movies, whatever they may be at the time.

  • Have Dave Matthews Band music playing in the background.

  • Have trampolines.

  • At the funeral, have fake ashes in an urn and have it spill out on somebody as a joke.

  • Be smoked by my wife. (ha ha, this one would be funny)

  • Have somebody punch the surgeon who did my first 2 surgeries that didn't work.

  • If I'm not cremated, have somebody reenact Weekend at Bernie's.

  • At the funeral, have a murder mystery play/dinner.

  • Have someone read a letter from me describing what heaven is like.

  • Will still be in love with Jess.

So that's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll think of more later. I don't want to die, but I married the girl of my dreams so I could go happy if I had to. There's so much more I want to experience. This was just for fun.

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