Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I recently got into this show. My friends were telling me to watch it a while ago and I just never took the time to record it on the DVR. But my in-laws actually have the first season and i watched it and was hooked.

Glee is a show about a high school Spanish teacher who has a real interest in the glee club. He has a chance to take over the club and starts recruiting students for the club. Not too many are interested at first but students soon sign up. However, upon signing up for the club, they are now subject to teasing, torturing and relentless harassment. However each show they manage to over come. The show is filled with numerous moments for the cast to shine. All the characters are unique. They all have their own little quirks and they all can sing. The one that shines above all the rest as far as singing has to be Rachel played by Lea Michele. She has given me goosebumps more times than I can count. And lets not forget about Sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch. She sometimes steals the show with her clever one liners and hilarious hatred that she has for the Glee club especially the teacher Will Schuester played by Matt Morrison.

The show is awesome. It as a great story line. A great cast. Not to mention, they perform some unbelievable songs in their show. It also has a good message behind it. That even though you might be strange and not popular, doesn't mean you can't be a part of a group, have friends and do something that means something to you. Glee is original, awesome and is should be watched by all.

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