Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sons of Anarchy

This is another show that I never got into until just recently. My buddy from work has the seasons for this show on DVD. He let me borrow it and I couldn't stop watching it. I must have finished two seasons in like about a week and a half. This show a awesome!

Basically the story behind this show is simple. A biker gang called the Sons of Anarchy operate out of a small town called Charming, located somewhere in California. Northern California I think. Anyway, the club basically run guns in and out of town for a profit obviously. They have the chief of police on their payroll along with some other big names in town. They are very territorial, very big on loyalty, very big on family and respect. Its basically the Mafia on motorcycles. It's the Sopranos meets the Hells Angels. Its also on FX. So when it airs, their is cursing, sex, violence....everything you want out of a show like this. The rest of the storyline is so intricate that I can't even go into all the angles and all the stories behind each episode. If you going to start watching the show, I recommend starting it from the very beginning. Sons of Anarchy is awesome, I love this show. Yes indeed.

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Clay:What did you do
Gemma:Same thing you did. Nailed some little tart from nevada