Sunday, October 24, 2010

True Blood

So the same guy who let me borrow Sons of Anarchy, also let me borrow True Blood. I never got into it because I don't have HBO and so I never started watching it. But I watched it, and yet another show that I got hooked on. (thanks Jesse)

I think this show is like Twilight only with cursing, drugs, more violence and a lot of sex. Its one of those shows that after the first couple of episodes, you get hooked. What I especially like about this show is that it changes the rules about vampires a little bit. Vampires can see their own reflection and they have no weakness to crosses or garlic. But the biggest change is that the entire world is aware that vampires exist. They came out of the casket so to speak. Vampires coexist with humans. They are given rights and are supposed to be treated as equals. That what makes this show unique. Every single vampire movie has always made it so vampires exist but the world has no knowledge of it. Only a select few, and they are the ones who explain the rules to the audience. In the case, its comes from the vampires. Its a real interesting take on the vampire genre. And I like the fact that takes place in Louisiana.

The show follows Sookie played by Anna Paquin. A bar maid who falls in love with vampire Bill played Stephen Moyer. Sookie is special because she can hear people's thoughts. There are also shape shifters, werewolves, and some other cool stuff.

There is a lot too it than that but you have to start watching to get all the details. Definitely recommend watching this show. Yes indeed.

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big D said...

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I recently started watching it too and after the first 2 episodes that I watched on our IPOD in the Seattle airport at 4am I was HOOKED! I love that it intertwines the Civil Rights Movement into the story lines by showing how difficult it is for the vampires to get the rights that they deserve. I love that it combines action, romance, comedy, and mystery. Season 2 was crazy and season 3 is just as crazy. I can't wait for the new season to come out, especially since we just signed up for HBO. Plus, I love the way Bill Compton says "Sookie!!"! Great show, great blog, yes indeed!