Sunday, May 20, 2012


I saw this one last night. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I didn't know what to expect. The  cast is all unknown. I never heard of the director or the writers, and I wasn't really 100% sure as to what the plot was. But, after watching it, I found that it was great movie with an original idea. And the way, it was filmed, was really original as well.

Chronicle was filmed like the movie Cloverfield. Someone with a handheld video camera is basically shooting the entire thing. It revolves around one of the 3 main characters who decides one day to just start filming everything. They come across this....thing, that allows them the ability to move things with their mind. And essentially, the entire movie is them learning how to use, control, and master their new talent. One of them starts excelling and using it differently than he should. He can't control it as well as the others, because his life is not as good as the others. His mom is dying, his father drinks and hits him, and he is constantly picked on at school. What happens next is nothing short of awesome. Andrew loses control and......well that's enough. Make sure you watch it.

I loved Chronicle. The fact that it was filmed as if it was the point of view of one of the characters which makes the title work. And since it was done with an unknown cast makes the way it was filmed, believable. Chronicle is original, well written and has amazing special effects. Watch it! Yes indeed.

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