Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top 5 Best Movies That No One Know About

So there are so many occasions where I'll mention a movie that I like or have watched recently and people go......what movie? So I've decided to do an entry on it. So here are what I think are the Top 5 movies that nobody knows about.

1). Deathproof
- My # 3 movie of all time. I mention what my favorite movies are. I get to this one and people go....what movie is that? So I tell them. It's kind of hard to explain without giving too much away. All I will tell you is that it is Quentin Tarantino at his best. And nobody knows about! Watch it and you won't regret it. So damn good!

2). Warrior
- One of my new favorites and I've been telling everybody about it. This movie blew me away. I won't talk about it too much because this will be the third time that I've mentioned so far. But I can't help it. It is so good. And the reason that it's on this list is that either people don't about it and heard a little bit, but because it didn't have huge megastar actors in it, nobody saw it. Watch it and get blown away.

3) Win Win -
Heard about this one from some friends of mine. So I watched it and loved it. Actually did an entry on this one too. This well written, well casted movie flew right under the radar as well. But if you take the time to watch it, you'll be very pleased that you did. Love this movie!

4). Charlie Bartlett
- Heard about this one from a friend as well and again, I was very pleased. An unknown actor named Anton Yelchin stars in the title role and gives a fantastic performance. This movie is extremely funny but there is a lot of heart behind it. Watch it. It's well worth it.

5). Run Fatboy Run
- Saw a trailer for this one when it was coming out. Looked funny but didn't get too excited about it. Came across it one day, watched it and fell in love with this movie. This movie is similar to Charlie Bartlett in the sense that it is really funny but there are several moments that are very touching and emotional. I actually got teary eyed at the end of this one.

Honorable Mention - 500 Days of Summer
- The only reason it didn't make the list? More people know about it than the others. But I still hear about people who have never heard of it so I thought it was worth mentioning.

So there they are. The top 5 movies that I think nobody know about. If your looking for a new movie to watch and don't know what you want, seriously think about any one of these. These movies flew right under the radar and deserve much more attention. FYI- I have done an entry on every single one of these movies. For your information. So check em out! Yes indeed.

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