Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

So I watched a couple Schwarzenegger movies recently and I started thinking about my favorites. So I figured I should do a Top 5. So here they are. Here are what I think are the Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

True Lies -
James Cameron at his best. It's one of the best action movies and it has some great stunts. Arnold is perfect at portraying the family man who is secretly a spy. Also, there are some great lines in this movie. For instance, the scene where he explains what he is going to do to the bad guys and the guard asks him how?....."You know my handcuffs?.....I've picked them". Just awesome. Action, comedy and a good story make this the best Schwarzenegger movie of all time.

2). Predator -
Predator! Love this movie. It's Arnold one on one with an alien. Awesome. His team gets killed off on by one and he's left alone in the jungle and he just tears it up! Yeah! Bad ass. You can't go wrong with Predator. "Your one ugly mother f***er........classic.

3). Terminator 2: Judgement Day -
This one speaks for itself. The first Terminator movie was awesome! This one was better. This is just classic Arnold. "Asta la". I mean it's just a good movie. Another James Cameron movie.

4). Commando -
This movie, is the perfect 80's action movie. Arnold has 11 hours to get his daughter back and he has to go up an entire army......and he wins. It's great. The bad guys just unload thousands of rounds of bullets Arnold never gets touched. It also has one of the best Arnold lines. "You know how I said I'd kill you last?......I lied". Good stuff.

Twins - This one might not be on everyone else's top 5 list but I think it should be. Out of all the softer Schwarzenegger movies, this one is by far the funniest. Arnold's twin brother is Danny Devito? I mean that's just fun. It's got a little bit of action mixed in with some adult humor and it makes for a good movie.

So there we go. The Top 5 Schwarzenegger movies. I know some people might not agree with all my choices or the order of them, but it's my blog so it's my list. Yes indeed.

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Christa H said...

True Lies - love the hotel scene with his wife... so awkwardly funny... just like watching Steve Carrell in The Office.

T2 - That was a great flick for guys and gals. Linda Hamilton was a bad ass! In my eyes, she went from Katherine in Beauty & the Beast to T2. Freakin' great!

Again, fun times! Thanks for sharing your movie insight!