Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5 Val Kilmer Movies

So I was watching Tombstone the other day, and I watched Val Kilmer kill it as "Doc Holliday". And then I was wondering...what the hell happened to Val Kilmer? He was awesome in the late 80's and early 90's, but not so much now. He kind of went downhill once he did Batman Forever. But never-the-less, Val Kilmer was the man back in the day. So here are what I think are the Top 5 Val Kilmer movies.

1) - Tombstone - Doc Holliday - No question. He made this movie even more bad ass. "I'll be your huckleberry". Awesome!

2) - The Doors - Jim Morrison - If you watch this movie, you kind of forget that Kilmer is the actor portraying Morrison. He was spot on.

3) - Willow - Madmartigan - Probably not in everyone else's list. But its in mine. He was funny and kicked some ass!

4) - Top Gun - Iceman - A cocky, arrogant fighter pilot who didn't like Tom Cruise. Nice! He is the reason by the way I will bite down in someone else's direction in order show aggression.

5) - Heat - Chris Shiherlis - A small role but very effective. That supporting guy who was always on point and could kill you at the drop of a dime.

So there it is. An obscure list but fun. let me know if there are any others. Yes indeed.

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