Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Fighter

So I just watched it, and it was great. I won't talk too much about it because my buddy already did this one too (, but it was great!

I didn't know too much about the characters themselves before watching. This story is based on a true story of Mickey Ward and his brother Dickie Ecklund. Mark Wahlberg plays Mickey and Christian Bale plays Dickey. Mickey Ward is a struggling boxer trying to make it and keeps getting road blocked by his older brother and trainer Dickey who is constantly caught up with drugs and the law. It follows the two on a journey that makes for a great film. The movie was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Picture and won two. Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor, who is phenomenal in this movie, and Melissa Leo for Best Supporting Actress. After watching the movie, it's easy to see why these two won.

The Fighter is a great film with a great cast and unbelievable performances. The entire movie kept me wanting to know what was coming next. I would definitely recommend it. Yes Indeed!

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