Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black Swan

So I recently watched Black Swan. I won't go too much into detail because my friend already did it. ( But I did want to touch on it a little.

Black Swan is a dark movie about an obsessed ballerina played by Natalie Portman who desperately wants the lead role in her NYC Ballet production of Swan Lake. In order to get the role, she must go deep within herself and bring out something she doesn't possess in order to capture the essence of the Black Swan. The movie is a constant battle between herself, essentially what the ballet is. A white swan, and a black swan. Natalie Portman gives a brilliant performance and shows you exactly why she won for Best Actress. Now in order to watch this movie, you have to appreciate drama roles, along with some little inserts of a girl slowly losing her mind. Black Swan is Rated R and for good reason. There is bad language, sex scenes and some weird/scary images. So make sure your in the right mood before you watch it but definitely check it out. It is worth the view! It's the kind of movie that keeps you glued all the way to the end, and the last 20 minutes are phenomenal!

Natalie Portman... Black Swan...Yes Indeed!

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Anonymous said...

ok many reasons why I love this movie:
1) artsy theme with many hidden meanings in the end.
2) mila kunis and natalie portman....duh!
3) scenes that blur reality
4) multiple personality movies are the sybil
...those are just a few