Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In a thought process while reading a friend's latest blog entry, I am reminded that opportunities will always present themselves. There is an expression...."According to Plan".... and life never goes according to plan. Letting go and trying to remember that God is in charge. This allows us to surrender ourselves and experience everything. The good and the bad. But when things go bad (and they will) how do we get through it without getting mad at who's in charge.

For this, there is no answer, just ideas. One idea is that from the movie "Evan Almighty". That life is basically just a series of opportunities. If you pray for courage, does God give you courage or opportunities to be courageous? If you pray for strength, does God give you strength or opportunities to be strong? If you pray for things to be less hectic, does God give relaxation or an opportunity to be patient? If you pray to be less angry about life, does God make you calm or give you an opportunity to be peaceful? And that's the beauty of it. We get to choose. We have the choice to jump at any opportunity that comes our way. That's the plan. (Yup Dop PC)

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Chuck said...

Keith, thanks for your comment on my post and your expanding of the discussion. I think you are right on and your post reminded me that the Chinese character for crisis also means opportunity.