Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Actors (Not All Time)

So here are my Top 5 favorite actors. Not my favorite actors of all time. That might be a little too hard (that's what she said). These are actors currently making movies pretty regularly.

1). Steve Carrell - The Office, Bruce Almighty, 40 Year Old Virgin, get Smart, Date Night.....the guy is hilarious. And he's just such a fun guy. I want to go have a beer with him or somethin....ya know. Good stuff. (Sucks that he's leaving The Office)

2). Leonardo Dicaprio - He's been killin it lately. Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception. And his early stuff is freakin great too. He's a solid actor. Hard to believe he hasn't won a Oscar yet.

3). Johnny Depp - Johnny Depp is the man. I loved all the Pirates' movies, and he freakin delivers in any role. Hard to believe he hasn't won an Oscar yet either. Whats the deal with that. My friend Ellen would put him #1 but on my list, he's 3....sorry Ellen.

4). Matt Damon - This guy tears it up in any role he's in. Those Bourne movies were awesome as hell. And he's funny too. Cool guy.

5). Joseph Gordon-Levitt - I absolutely fell in love with 500 Days of Summer and he was bad ass in Inception. And freakin 3rd Rock from the Sun cmon.Watch for this guy. Good things are to come.

So there's my list, leave yours in the comments. Remember its not all time, its current. Yes Indeed!

Honorable Mentions - Will Smith, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Edward Norton, Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr.


Ellen Sapp :) said...


1.) Johnny Depp - Keith you are 2 funny! Not only is Johnny the hottest man OF ALL TIME he's an amazing actor! He totally transforms & becomes the charter he is playing!

2.) Leonardo Dicaprio - What's eating Gilbert Grape? I mean cmon how could he not be on everyones top 5 after that!

3.) Tom Hanks - He's woody! :)

4.) Dick Van Dyke - Classic! Mary Poppins, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bye Bye Birdie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ... The list goes on! & he has a funny last name so that's a plus! Haha!

5.) Daniel Day-Lewis

proudest junkie said...

1.) Robert DeNiro-Bobby-D the reason I got into movies in the first place, Goodfellas, the Godfather, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull Who you talking to

2.) Jack Nicholson- love one of the few actors that you know by first name only "Jack" was and will always be the Joker to me although Mr. Ledger was nasty in his own take, other roles in Easy Rider, As good as it gets, Something's Gotta give, Terms of Endearment, Jack is the man

3.) Johnny Depp- Besides the Pirates movies which there was only one decent one, Depp has done some of my favorites especially Fear and Loathing and Finding Neverland. He was also excellent in Scissorhands and Alice and every role has been uniquely different.

4.) Leonardo DiCaprio-used to think he was a pansy ass but ever since the Basketball Diaries he really has become a great actor and now that he is Scorcese's new DeNiro I have even more reasons to live him. Blood Diamond mang

5.) Tom Hanks-have not seen a bad Hanks movie and will go to just about any movie he is actually in when it comes out. Loved early Joe and Volcano as well as Turner and Hooch and his string of classics in the early 90's including one of the best lines ever "There is no crying in baseball" and I mean you Red Sox fans