Saturday, October 4, 2008

Top 5 Tarantino Flicks

I just watched Deathproof and Kill Bill again and I got on a Tarantino kick. So here are my Top 5 Quentin Tarantino movies: (The ones he wrote and directed)

1: Pulp Fiction - Unbelievable movie. Tarantino at his best. The first 15 minutes of the movie say it all!

2: Deathproof - Oh man, this movie was nasty! The script is phenomenal and the car chase at the end is probably one of the best in movie history. The chicks were great, Kurt Russel was bad ass, and the music was even better!

3: Kill Bill vol. 1 - Uma Thurman can kick some ass. I watched this movie for the first time with my buddy and we thought it was nasty as hell. The story and the fight scene at the end was freakin great!
4: Inglorious Bastards - Oh man, this one was so good. The dialogue was perfect and left me hanging on every word. The violence was beautiful and Christoff Waltz totally deserved the Best Supporting Actor Award for it too! Some people didn't like how it wasn't historically accurate but that's what I like about it. Near perfect movie!

5: Reservoir Dogs - Its true what they say in "Swingers", slow motion makes a scene look even more bad ass. Put some guys walking down the street in matching suits, add some 70's music and put it in slow motion and you got a memorable looking scene. Tarantino's first film put a standard on his other ones. This film is the first of its kind. With intricate story lines and unforgettable dialogue. Classic.

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proudest junkie said...

This man is one of my favorite movie makers of all time, period. I have to agree Pulp Fiction is going to be #1. Then I gotta go with Reservoir Dogs at #2, Kill Bill 2 at #3, Death Proof at #4, and I am going to thumb in Inglorious Bastards at #5. The last movie has not come out but has been talked about since 2001 when he said he wanted to make a world war 2 epic. The have finally started filming and hoping to be out next year, has brad pitt, mike myers, and eli roth. I am going to put it in there but I can only imagine what he will come out with in a world war 2 epic.