Saturday, October 4, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

O man. I saw this movie in theaters when it first came out and I don't think I've ever laughed that hard! And it was just as funny the second time i watched it on DVD. I thought it was going to be funny but not that funny.

The movie stars Jason Segal as Peter. A guy who is dating T.V. star Sarah Marshall played by Kristen Bell. She dumps him so he decides to go to Hawaii on vacation to try to get her out of his mind but low and behold she is there to with her new celebrity boyfriend played by Russel Brand who is freakin hilarious in this movie. From here the movie follows what I think a break up from someone serious is exactly like. (it follows a guys point of view, but it is written so well)

This movie may be funnier than Knocked Up and 40yr Old Virgin. It provides the perfect amount of comedy, real life, and a little drama to make it an awesome movie. Any guy, who has gotten dumped by a girl will love this movie and any girl who likes to laugh will love this movie too! Jason Segal stars and wrote this movie. I like these guys who write their own stuff and put real life (kinda) scenarios in it. The way the girl acts towards the guy is dead on. And the way the guy acts is perfect too. Probably a little funnier than real life but still great. Just watch this movie if you haven't and you will laugh harder than you ever had before. This movie just might get bumped into the top 5.

4 Stars (out of 4)

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proudest junkie said...

The absolute star of this movie though is the comedy of Russell Brand. The man is hysterical from every direction he comes at you. Just the way he talks is enough to laugh and the personality is one of a kind and original. If this movie was set in wisconsin or the buggy city of cleveland it still would have been funny but you cant beat that it was in hawaii with beautiful shots of the island. The Jonah Hill character is funny too especially when he goes 6 to midnight for his favorite singer...sounds like someone I know!