Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 5 Movies for Halloween

My buddy asked me to make this. My Top 5 movies to watch for Halloween. And here we go:

1: Halloween (2007 Rob Zombie version) - Mr Zombie remade this classic horror film and he did a pretty good job. It was more hardcore, more gruesome and more scary. This movie was pretty terrifying. The old 70's version is just as good though but, the newer one is more hardcore, which is what you want in a scary movie.

2: Scream - This movie is a good scary movie. But this one and only this one. The other two don't count. This one is good, they should have stopped with this one. But it is actually pretty good and scary too. If you let go of the movie cliches and the 90's style then your good to go. Hey its Halloween.

3: The Ring - This movie is messed up in so many ways. And it's one of those movies that will stay in your mind for like 2 days and continue to creep you out. That means its good. Yeah this one is kinda messed up.

4: Nightmare on Elm St. - Don't fall asleep because this guy will get you. But you'll have to go to sleep after you watch the movie so your going to be scared. That's good stuff. I mean cmon, its Freddy freakin Krugar, nuff said. Any of these movies are good.

5: Friday the 13th - Technically Jason doesn't show up until the second movie but that's OK. The first one is good. And so are the rest. Well probably only the second one. After that is just gets kinda lame but the first two are very creepy.

Honorable mentions - Saw (the first one and only the first one), Wrong Turn , Halloween H2O , Blair Witch Project , The Grudge

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Ellen Sapp :) said...

First off I do not and will not watch a scary movie! I'm a huge sissy & I don't care! The smallest thing scares me (ask Jess) So my Halloween list is a "Ellen Version"

1.) The Nightmare before Christmas - Is this a Halloween movie or Christmas? Does it matter? Nope!

2.) Hocus Pocus - Classic happy Halloween movie!

3.) It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - Watch it every year! :)

4.) Halloween is Grinch Night - Dr. Seuss :) I thank you!

5.) The Watcher in the Woods - Used to watch this every year w/ my mom! Ooooh it scared the $hit out of me!