Sunday, October 20, 2013

Runner Runner

So, this is going to be a quick one. (That's what she said) I saw this one last week. was really uneventful. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. It was, mediocre.

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but I was definitely expecting more. Justin Timberlake is actually a really good actor. He was awesome in The Social Network and Friends With Benefits. But this one, wasn't his strong suit. He wasn't really believable. And Affleck was OK in this movie. I really was only intrigued when he was on the screen to be honest with you.

Timberlake plays a college student who gambles his college tuition away on an online poker site. However, he can prove that he was cheated. He goes to confront the site's owner (Affleck) and what happens? He gets offered a job. So the premise sounds like it would be good. But for whatever reason, the movie lacked any excitement. The chemistry between Timberlake and Affleck was non-existent. The story was written OK and the movie had an OK ending. But again, the movie was so uneventful. Overall, I give it a C-.  

This is the type of movie that you can skip watching in the theater and I wouldn't even recommend owing it because you would watch it once and that's it. So, my apologies to Justin and Ben. You guys are bad ass, but this movie was disappointing.

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