Monday, October 21, 2013

Don Jon

I watched this one the other week and I was really excited to watch it. I am a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's work. And he wrote and directed this one so I had high expectations. I mean , he was awesome in Inception, 500 Days of Summer, 50/50 and the Dark Knight Rises. I wanted to love this movie. I really wanted to love it. And after watching it, I just wound up liking it.

So, this movie wasn't bad by any means. It was creative, an original story and actually had good acting. I just didn't get that "wow" moment that I was hoping for. Gordon-Levitt stars as Jon who everyone calls the "The Don" because of his good looks and his ability to bring home girls. His character his very vein, very conceded and very much addicted to porn. Which is the underlying theme of the movie, He actually enjoys porn more than actual sex with another person. He then meets Scarlett Johansen and is so taken back that he starts his pursuit. Be it know, there is  lot of porn in this movie. Almost to the point that I got a little uncomfortable watching it in the theater with other people. But, it's done tastefully. And does play an intricate part in the movie. The porn is almost like a character in the movie.

Without giving anything away, I'll just say that throughout the movie, he has "discoveries" and......well, you'll have to watch it. Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansen both play really good New York/New Jersey-ians. The only casting choice I questioned is Julianne Moore. I get why he did it but I was maybe looking for something else.

Overall, this movie was good. But it wasn't great. This is one of those movies that you need to watch a second time because when you watched it the first time, you had something different in your head of how it was going to go. So the second time you watch it, your prepared and ready for it. So it will probably be better. But don't get me wrong, it was good and entertaining. But I just didn't love it. Sorry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, your still the man. Yes indeed.

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