Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're The Millers


I saw this movie recently in theaters with my beautiful wife, and we couldn't stop laughing. This movie was hilarious. I honestly did not think the movie was going to be as funny as it was. We had expectations of a B+ or an A- and we got an A+.

The movie stars Jason Sudeikis, who plays a drug dealer who gets put in a bad situation and has no other alternative but to follow the orders of his boss and become a drug mule. He is tasked with going to Mexico and crossing the border with an extreme amount of Mary Jane. He comes up with the idea to hire a fake family to help conceal the fact the his is hiding drugs. He hires a dorky kid that lives in his building who's mother isn't there. A girl who goes from couch to couch and could care less about life. And Jennifer Aniston, who plays a stripper. (I'll say that again) Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper.

The whole scenario is just great. Everything works together to make a super funny movie. Sudeikas is great as the comic tone of the movie. He is the perfect mix of comedy and being an a**hole. Emma Roberts is great at being the girl that doesn't care about anything and Jennifer Aniston again, sheds the good girl image and does a Rated R comedy. But the real break through performance is from Will Poulter. (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) He play's Kenny who ultimately becomes Jason Sudeikas' son. He was awesome and stole the show! Almost every scene involved me crying from laughter. He will have a big career.

We're The Millers is the perfect Rated R comedy. It has the right amount of raunchy-ness, shock, and humor. It's written really well and sits right up there with Horrible Bosses, Wedding Crashers and The Hangover. This is damn funny movie. Watch this movie and I dare you not to laugh. Yes indeed.

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