Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So I know I'm a little late in watching this movie. To be honest, I really didn't want to see it. I thought it looked kind of boring. But after watching it, I have to say that this movie was awesome.

Drive took me by surprised. I didn't know what to expect. However, what Drive did, what take an action filled movie and gave you these little blurbs that were filled with action, drama and a ton of emotion. Not to mention, a good story that wasn't too complex and some really good acting. For example, the script is great. It is done very subtly. It was nice to sit down and watch a movie that didn't have a thousand things to pay attention too, and still able to follow along perfectly. Next, the movie is Rated R so when it's time for some's time for some violence. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. If you've seen this movie then you get it. And finally, this was written so well. Mainly for a couple of small reasons. One, when certain plot points are discovered in the story, instead of having a 20 minute scene about how they feel, they just had a 2 minute scene without any dialogue what so ever. And that 2 minutes has more emotion than a lot of other movies. And two, one of the neatest things about this movie is that you never know the name of Ryan Gosling's character. And the funny thing is, you never even realize it until the movie's over and you see the credits and it says; Ryan Gosling: Driver/The Kid. I thought that was cool.

So I shame on me for not giving this a chance. Drive is a good good movie that people should experience. And Ryan Gosling, shows himself to be a strong actor. So watch Drive, and prepared to be taken by surprised. Yes indeed.

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