Sunday, October 14, 2012


So this will be a quick entry. I watched this the other day and I had fun watching it. Lockout is Luc Besson produced movie starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace. It is a quick 90 minute movie about the President's daughter going to visit the floating prison in outer space and what happens? Well, the prisoners get loose somehow and now have the first daughter as a hostage. So they send in the Ex-CIA operative, former agent Snow. So the key to watching this movie and having a good time with it is remembering that when they intended on making this movie, I'm pretty sure they didn't have the word Oscar in mind. So if you remember that it's just a movie and that it is supposed to be fun, then it becomes a fun movie.

So there is some good and some bad to this movie. The bad parts include, some not so good graphics, some cheesy lines and an ending that kinda makes you go.....cmon! However, the good parts include an easy plot, the cheesy lines and some fun action scenes. The plot is kind of like an Escape From New York meets The Transporter. It's a Luc Besson movie so it gets right to the point. Guy Pearce's character Snow has sarcastic attitude and delivers some great one-liners. An then when you add that to a bunch of convicted felons, some of which were kind of bad ass, looking to get out of jail, you get 90 minutes of awesome. Well.....maybe not awesome, how about......a good time.

I didn't like the graphics or one part towards the end but i had a good time watching this movie. The comedy mixed with quick action and an original story made for a fun movie night. Check it out if you want. Yup dop!

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