Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 Worst Actors and Actresses

This entry has been long overdue. There are just some actors and actresses out there who can't really hack it. Are they good looking? Sure. Are they in a bunch of movies and make millions? You bet. But they are just not good at acting. So they are not free from my list. So here are who I think are the worst actors and actresses in movies. (with some honorable mentions)

1). Paul Walker - I can't stand watching this guy. He just can't act, and he keeps showing up in these action movies that require a little bit of acting ability that he just doesn't have. It makes sense that his last name is Walker because every time he is on screen, that's what i become...."A Walker" away from his movies.

Worst Performance: The Fast and the Furious

2). Jessica Alba - Is she beautiful? Without a doubt. Is she super sexy? Yes indeed. But can she act? Nope. Just watch Machete. Funny movie and I love Robert Rodriguez movies, but she was just hard to watch.

Worst Performance: Machete

3). Dane Cook - Is he funny? Extremely. I saw him in concert. He's hysterical. But he needs to just do that. He can't act. He just can't. Dane Cook....just stick to stand up comedy.

Worst Performance: Dan In Real Life

4). Megan Fox - Just like Jessica Alba. Is she incredibly sexy? Unbelievably sexy, but she can't act. Her looks will continue to put her in movies and that's fine. It's probably the only reason she was in Transformers 2. She was not missed in Transformers 3.

Worst Performance: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

5). Channing Tatum - Some of his line deliveries are just awkward. And there was a ton in G.I. Joe. He's just not that good. He's in some upcoming comedies so we'll see if does any better in those.

Worst Performance: G.I Joe

Honorable Mentions - Ashton Kutcher - Miley Cyrus - Paris Hilton - Jessica Simpson

So that's my list. These people just can't hack it. Yes Indeed.


Aaron said...

What about keanu reeves? at least an honorable mention?? Hey, this is Barker...lost your number. Text me. I have my own radio show now and I may need a movie critic. You know any good ones?

Anonymous said...

"A Walker away from his movies" lol nicely said

Anonymous said...

No Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves, or Ben Affleck?