Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Help

Jess took me to go see this one. She read the book and then wanted to go see the movie. And I had no objection because that's my thing. And it actually looked like it could be good. After watching it, my feeling towards this flick is a B+ movie with a A+ cast and story.

Jess loved the book. She was crying and laughing while reading the book and really excited to see the movie. But even she agreed that it lacked a little bit. The story of The Help is a young woman named Skeeter played by Emma Stone, who just graduated from college and is aspiring to be a journalist. And she wants to write about what it's like from the point of view from the help, black maids from Jackson Mississippi in the 60's. From the start, the movie has potential to be Oscar worthy. There is so much emotion that was just waiting to be released that was never really tapped into. There were a few moments when that raw emotion came to play out, but not enough to make a powerful story turn into a powerful movie.

Now on the other hand, the cast was great! Emma Stone was great, the two woman who were the focus of Emma Stone's character's book were fantastic. Viola Davis played Aibileen Clark, who narrated the movie and Octavia Spencer played Minny Jackson and she had the breakout performance in the film. And Bryce Dallas Howard killed it as Hilly Holbrook. Just perfect for playing that villain role. She's gonna turn heads in future performances.

Overall, The Help is a good movie but they could have done so much more with it. I kept waiting for that one moment that just kinda takes your breath away, but it never happened. But still, the movie was entertaining. Yes indeed.

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