Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Yes Indeed Papers Salute...

If you don't already know, I've decided to give a salute to actors and actress' who don't get enough credit. Last month (and 1st entry) was Brendan Fraser. Some people disagreed with that entry, but it's my blog, so my choice (heh heh). So here is the next entry in...The Yes Indeed Paper Salute....Bill Nighy.

Bill Nighy is a fantastic actor who I think should have a future Oscar nod at some point in his career. He has been in over 100 productions in his career but really has only been recognized since 2003. Here are some of his more popular roles.

  • Love Actually

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

  • Underworld

  • Shaun of the Dead

  • Wild Target

  • Rango (voice)

  • Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Nighy has a way of delivering his lines that make you listen. He's also a pretty good comedy actor. Personally, I think he plays a better villain than anything else but that's just my opinion. Nighy is fantastic in everything from his delivery to his screen presence. Check out any of the fore mentioned movies. So from all of us here at The Yes Indeed Papers (and by all of us, I mean just me), Bill Nighy...we salute you...Yes Indeed.


Proudest Junkie said...

much better than the terrible Brendan Frasier, what about Hot Fuzz? and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--2 other great roles for him

Anonymous said...

I also thought he was perfect in "Pirate Radio" which I enjoyed very much. Have you seen it?