Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top 5 Worst Movies

1. Batman and Robin - Thank God Christopher Nolan came out with the new Batman Movies to redeem the caped crusader. After this movie with the Governator and Uma Thurman, the Batman name was almost shot. It had horrible acting, a horrible plot, and apparently Batman has every single thing from ultra heaters to a credit card. He doesn't hide his voice and its not hard to tell that Chris O'Donnell is Robin. And Alicia Silverstone should not be Batgirl...there shouldn't even be a Batgirl...or a Robin. I say again, thank God for the new movies.

2. Open Water - The boat leaves them behind in the middle of the ocean by accident. They're stranded, and then they die. It's a two hour movie and they are in the ocean by themselves for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then they die, it sucks and its just depressing. No thanks.

3. Dreamcatcher - I have no idea what this movie is about. I think aliens are invading the world or they already have something. Then these 4 guys are trying to take a vacation in the mountains when one guy gets abducted, then another gets eaten, then another guy goes to find another friend who is mentally retarded and turns out to be an alien. LAME!

4. Rumor Has It - Jennifer Aniston hooks up with Kevin Costner who turns out to be the actual guy for the story behind "The Graduate". They sleep together so that means Costner has slept with 3 generations of women and Aniston, knowing all this information, sleeps with him anyway. If your a respectable women, would you sleep with someone who has slept with your mother and your grandmother? I didn't think so. And Aniston winds up cheating on her fiance with this guy! And then, she gets mad at him when he won't take her back, but he does and it just goes to show how some women can be just be f***heads!

5. Waiting - I watched this movie, didn't laugh. I worked in a restaurant and watched this movie again, and still didn't laugh. It was kinda gross, and Ryan Reynolds is too good an actor to accept a role where a mid-twenties guys hits on a minor in high school. I though it was going to be good, it looked good, but I hated this movie!

Honorable Mentions: Batman Forever, Open Water 2, Scream 3, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Superhero Movie, Disaster Movie (enough is enough already guys), Semi-Pro, The Happening, Lady in the Water, Shutter.



big D said...

excellent list kieth! can i make on sad comment tho- you own half of those movies!! haha i guess if you didnt though, you wouldnt have come up with such a nice list. excellent choice of open water! that movie was so bad, i forgot about it! yup dop!

Robert said...

Great Blog Keith!! I'm impressed!

My top 5 movies of all Time. In no particular order. These are movies that I can watch and not get tired of.

1. Point Break. Way too many awesome lines in this movie not to like it. Could watch it every day!

2. Top Gun. No other movie makes me want to fly at Mach 3. Not a Tom Cruise fan, but this movie got him going.

3. Trading Places. I love the plot. Eddie Murphy was awesome in his younger days.

4. Fletch and Fletch Lives. I am a huge Chevy fan and these movies will live on!

5. Naked Gun series. For comedy... nothing comes close. Everytime I watch any of them I see and learn things that I didn't catch before. If you don't believe me, watch them and look in the background. You'll know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

You remember that movie Gigli?